Good mobile strategies always get a lot of attention. However, they are not the strategies we are used to seeing on the computer. The mobile ones place much more emphasis on the online experience and the user's own base, rather than on the user's own skillful actions. But less interesting it does not become, and the game "Boom Beach" proves it. Control The game already has millions of registered players, but not the bots that usually fill the gaps to attract a small audience, but real users who, just like you, started from scratch. The main point is to control resources on a vast tropical island. To do this you need to build your own fortifications, a large army, and then go quietly into battle and reclaim what you need. Boom Beach also allows you to fight together by creating task forces that many players can join. Forget Online However, the disadvantage of the game is that the developers, having perfectly worked out all the mechanics and game components, a little bit forgot about the online, so the selection of opponents leaves much to be desired. You're unlikely to come across someone at your level, making survival that much harder. Can't tear yourself away. But I still really enjoyed Boom Beach. The first time I did not tear myself away from the game at all. Now I visit it less frequently, but my interest has not faded, and I still continue to fight with the same enthusiasm for the resources I need.